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Smokable Hemp. What Is It? What Can It Do For You?

Smokable Hemp is becoming a hot trend. What is it though? Why is it a popular product? How can it benefit you?

All great questions!

Smokable Hemp is a recreational product that many hemp advocates support. Like it's high THC counterpart, Hemp Flower smells, looks and smokes just like it, but the difference is that it will not give you the psychoactive affects as its counterpart.

For many who are experienced with smokable flower, it is simple to use. You can buy it as trimmed flower in large quantities, usually by the gram or by 1/8 oz, 1/4 oz and even ounces. If you are new and have not tried it before, the best way to ease into it is buying pre-rolls which are ground up hemp flower packaged into a easily smoked quantities, requiring only a lighter to get you started.

It's popularity comes from it's recreational use. Hemp Flower is the product of Hemp genetics, each genetic variety offering a unique smokable product that can smell and taste different from one another. This creates a desire to try new varieties and collect different smokable flowers. Be a "Hemp Connoisseur!" Share it with friends and family.

Smokable Hemp offers different benefits than the typical tinctures and other hemp derived supplements because it enters your system much faster, giving you the beneficial effects much sooner, offering a gentle "body high" without any psychoactive effect, that is both relaxing and calming.

Looking to try it? Stay Tuned for our release of our smokable line of products!