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Hemp Oil and Keto Diet

The Keto Diet has been a fad that has gotten quite a bit of attention over the last year. In many grocery stores, you can find Keto-friendly meals and ingredients.

My girlfriend has been on the diet for over 3 months now, and has really enjoyed it, and one of her favorite things is the Rebel brand ice cream that you can find in Publix. It is the perfect thing to surprise her with to make her happy.

Before she started the diet, she was taking CannaBison Hemp Oil almost everyday for a multitude of reasons. Since she began the diet, she has done extensive research on Hemp Oil and has read that MCT Oil, which is the carrier oil that is blended with the Hemp Oil, is Keto friendly. She is now back to her routine of taking our Naturally flavored Hemp Oil daily.

Keto and Hemp may be complimentary toward each other, as research suggests that some cannabinoids may encourage the breakdown of fat for energy, which may promote a keto diet where all of those carbs that were once stored as fat are being transformed into usable energy.

Studies have also suggested that cannabinoids may boost metabolism and control appetite, potentially leading to a healthy and balanced metabolism, which may help control your dietary intake during ketosis.

It sure does seem that the Keto Diet and Hemp may be two-peas in a pod.

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